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As you already know that gardeningeasily.com is related to lawn care and gardening area. So if you want to write for us as a guest blogger or you have an expertise in lawn and gardening, then share your story and knowledge with our readers. These are great opportunities for our readers to learn from you.
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What are the Topics Do We Publish?

GardeningEasily focuses on lawn and gardening topics. This includes:

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  • Gardening tips
  • Garden tools guide
  • Garden Pest Control
  • Garden problems
  • Lawn care
  • DIY gardening
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Vegan growing guides: including fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs


To contribute, you need to write related to the topics above. If you can’t find your topic, then it’s probably not for GardeningEasily.

What Type of Articles Do We Accept?

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  • How to posts – This article is a great example: How to grow Chinese Cabbage from seeds
  • Based List posts – This article is a great example: 3 Things To Consider To Successfully Grow Carrot In Your Own Backyard
  • Simple Question posts – This article is a great example: What’s the Difference Between Vascular and Nonvascular Plants? 8 Differences To Know
  • Buying Guide Posts – This article is a great example: How to choose the right garden hose reel to buy
  • DIY Garden Hack posts – This article is a great example: 7 creative ways to repurpose your old garden hose

Contributor Guidelines

Before you submit a piece, please review these guidelines to ensure your piece is accepted.

Content Quality:

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  • Important: DO NOT make this an “SEO” article. Do not worry about keywords. Simply write the best article you can.100% original content.
  • No grammar and spelling mistakes. No scraped or copy or spinning content.
  • Articles are useful, informative and related to the topics.
  • Use the tone of a “friendly expert, Happy and fun, but extremely informative”.
  • Use the first and second person: “I,” “we,” and “you.”
  • No filler or fluffy language. No wasted words. Every sentence should contain new information.
  • Every sentence in the article should be concise and clear.
  • Express your own voice and personality so that people can connect with the writer better.
  • Make sure that your text is easy to read with the Flesch-Kincaid readability test. The readability score should be 75 and above.


Content Writing Style:

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  • Word Count: Write a 1,000-word minimum original piece. Articles must not have been published anywhere else, online or offline. This includes your personal blog.
  • Title: Come up with a title that grabs readers’ attention. Ask yourself: how will reading this article make someone’s life better? What problem does it solve?
  • Meta Description: Around 140 – 150 characters including spaces. It will be used to grab reader`s attention and make them want to read the article.
  • First paragraph: Keep your opening short, preferably less than 100 words (no one likes long intros). Your opening should intrigue readers to continue reading your article.
  • Body Sections: Break the article into appropriate subheadings.
  • Paragraphs no more than 3 lines long
  • Break the article body into as many headings as you need
  • Give each section it’s own heading.
  • Each heading should be a full sentence
  • Pictures: Include at least one photo. Your photo should be big enough (more than 400×400 px), well lit, and not stolen from other websites. If your article is a step-by-step instruction or DIY project, one picture for every step is necessary.
  • Sources: Source all claims and statements. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the original source.
  • Links: One link per post allowed, no affiliate links.


Important Note:

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  • It must be checked by Copyscape, Grammarly. I reserve full approval and editorial rights.
  • By publishing your article on our site, you are giving all the rights to us. You can’t republish that post on any other blog/platform without our permission.
  • Please note that submitting a post does not guarantee that it will be published. We will reject if it does not meet our above requirements. It may take 2-7 days to publish your guest post.
  • Submit article only when/if you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned here in this guidelines.


How to Submit

If you’re still interested, send us an email with 2-3 your topic ideas accompanied with short bio with your picture and article to info[dot]gardeningeasily[@]gmail[dot]com or you can contact us through our contact form.

Please include the words “Guest Post” in the subject line.

We’d love to hear from you.